Alliance Windy Ridge

This 162-unit, 178,000 SF project has five stories of type IIIA wood framed construction on top of a two-story tall post-tensioned concrete frame. The podium slab at the top level of the concrete frame is braced using ordinary reinforced concrete moment frames between the slab and its supporting concrete columns.

Extensive foundation design was required around the majority of the property due to large exterior grading elevation changes across the project site. Retaining walls approaching 40’ in height with large surcharge loads from upper portions of the building were required in some locations.

This project has extensive amenity spaces at the north end of the project. Steel and wood transfer framing across the north end of the project was needed to support the units above and create the open spaces desired by the architect and ownership in this area. Due to the large amount of transfers, steel moment frames were utilized to brace the building where shear walls in the wood structure above were discontinuous.

Project Details

Location: Atlanta, GA
Square Footage: 178,000
Number of Floors: 5

Services Provided:
Type III, IV, & V Wood Frame Design

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