Broadstone 8th South

This mid-rise multifamily project is in the Berry Hill neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee. It consists of two residential buildings and a five-story parking deck.

Both buildings are four-story type VA multifamily residential construction. Most of the wood framing bears on conventional concrete slab on grade, though there are multiple locations that require steel transfer framing over spaces dedicated to leasing, club room, fitness, vehicle drive aisles, etc. The parking deck is a precast structure that straddles an existing 2-story tall concrete site wall.

The foundations supporting the two residential buildings are shallow spread footings on a mixture of native soils, engineered fill and rammed aggregate piers. The precast parking deck is supported on a combination of shallow foundations on rock and micropiles.

Project Details

Location: Nashville, TN
Number of Floors: 4

Services Provided:
Steel Design
Type III, IV, & V Wood Frame Design

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