Broadstone Gulch

This project is located in The Gulch neighborhood on the southwest fringe of Downtown Nashville, Tennessee.

The project consists of nine (9) stories of Type IB residential construction above five (5) stories of parking deck and retail.  At Level 1, there is some space dedicated to retail, as well as a loading dock area.

The parking deck slabs are composed of post-tensioned concrete slabs with drop panels.  The elevated framing at Level 6 is also post-tensioned concrete, though the framing system is complicated by a courtyard step, pool box, and a requirement for the Level 6 slab to support 9 levels of residential framing above.  There is also a podium slab at Level 7 above the Club Room space that supports 8 levels of residential framing above.  The roof structure is composed of steel joists and metal roof deck.

Project Details

Location: Nashville, TN
Number of Floors: 9

Services Provided:
Post Tensioned Concrete
Steel Design
Cold Formed Steel Design
Deep Foundation Systems

Key Staff:

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