Eclipse on Madison (Eclipse FSU)

Located in Tallahassee, FL, the Eclipse on Madison project provides 47 residential units of off-campus housing intended for FSU students, above ground-level amenity space with parking in an adjacent, cast-in-place, post-tensioned parking deck with a pool at the top level. There is also a large open lounge space above the main building entrance.  

The structure consists of 4-levels of wood-framed, Type V construction supported by a post-tensioned concrete podium slab above amenities. There is wood transfer framing at the second level lounge area.  

The podium columns bear on shallow concrete spread footings. The adjacent 3-level parking structure is also supported on shallow concrete spread footings. 

Project Details

Location: Tallahassee, FL
Number of Floors: 4

Services Provided:
Type III, IV, & V Wood Frame Design
Post Tensioned Concrete

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