Elizabeth on 7th (7th and Caswell)

Elizabeth on 7th is a mixed use building with approximately 103,000 square feet of space over four levels.   This area will include retail spaces on the lowest level with three levels of office space above.

The structure a composite steel framed beams and slab with steel columns at the elevated floor levels and steel bar joists with metal decking at the roof.    A combination or braced frames and moment frames not specifically detailed for seismic resistance is used for lateral support.

The building wraps around a precast concrete parking structure.  EM Structural provided design for the foundation of the parking structure.

The foundations for the parking garage and foundations shared by the building and parking garage are shallow foundations with aggregate piers.  The main office building is supported on shallow foundations.

Project Details

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Square Footage: 103,021
Number of Floors: 4

Services Provided:
Steel Design
Building Information Modeling
Retaining Structures

Key Staff:

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