eLoft Ford Avenue

Located in Alexandria, Virginia, the eLoft project on Ford Avenue is a conversion of an existing 14-story office building into 200 loft units zoned for residential, live/work, or office use. The project also included conversion of portions of the parking garage to amenity space and the addition of a number of landscape and amenity features on the existing elevated plaza slab.  

The existing structure consists of post-tensioned flat plate concrete floor slabs supported by reinforced concrete columns. Lateral forces are resisted by reinforced concrete shear walls at the central elevator core. The change of occupancy required a lateral analysis of the existing structure to demonstrate the adequacy of the lateral system to resist modern code required seismic forces. There were over 2000 new slab penetrations drilled through the existing post-tensioned slab to facilitate new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems including larger openings for trash chutes.  

Floor slabs were scanned using ground penetrating radar to locate existing post-tensioning tendons and reinforcing steel ensuring that core drilling locations could be adjusted to miss existing reinforcing. They were also analyzed for the worst case loading of all proposed occupancies and for all new landscaping loading and new equipment loading at the roof. 

Project Details

Location: Arlington, VA
Number of Floors: 14

Services Provided:
Post Tensioned Concrete

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