Horizon Condominiums

This project for Wood Partners was one of the first high-rise condominiums in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Nestled in the Wildwood business area, this 19-story tower height was limited due to the approach path of airplanes landing at Dobbins Air Force Base.

The structure of the building consists of flat plate and flat-slab post-tensioned slabs and the lateral support is provided by cast-in-place concrete shear walls. The grid of the building is transferred at the fifth level where the use shifts from parking deck to residential; also the amenities and pool are at the fifth level.

The height limitation created a requirement to sink the building into the ground. Upon discovery of Georgia granite, the use of explosives was required to economically remove the materials and allow for the foundation system. A combination foundation system of drilled piers and mats sitting on top of granite was used.

Project Details

Location: Atlanta, GA
Number of Floors: 19

Services Provided:
Post Tensioned Concrete
Deep Foundation Systems

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