Modera Reynoldstown

This project is located in Reynoldstown, an area in Atlanta, Georgia, located east of the state capital on Memorial Drive. It features a 5-story precast parking garage with amenity at the top level and 5-stories of Type IIIA residential, including loft units and units.  

At the Ground Level, there are retail spaces, leasing lobby, trash and loading dock, and the entry to the parking garage. A portion of the structure at Level 1 supports a row of residential units below a podium slab and the leasing mezzanine. Residential units begin at Level 2, some of which bear upon a post-tensioned podium slab. Level 2 also includes concrete transfer girders. Many of the residential units have either a loft unit or a unit with access to a roof terrace at Level 6.  

Multiple structural systems were employed in the design of this project, including post-tensioned concrete flat plate slabs, post-tensioned concrete podium slabs, post-tensioned beams and girders, structural steel framing, concrete columns and walls, and structural wood framing. The foundation is a combination of shallow spread footings bearing on native soils and shallow spread footings bearing on soil improved with aggregate piers.  

This project received the AIA Potomac Valley 2021 Excellence in Design Merit Award for Multifamily Architecture.  

Project Details

Location: Atlanta

Services Provided:
Post Tensioned Concrete
Type III, IV, & V Wood Frame Design

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