San Marco Promenade

San Marco Promenade, located in the trending San Marco neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida, has three separate four-story residential buildings. There is a total of 284 high-end apartments in this project, utilizing type VA wood framed construction. Each building provides private garages for some of the units, for which EM Structural Engineers had to coordinate the support of discontinuous load bearing elements above. Building 1 has a one/two story ground level Clubroom/Leasing Office space which requires two stories of structural steel transfer framing to support discontinuous load bearing elements from above. EM Structural worked extensively with the architect to ensure all wood-framed shear walls were continuous to the foundations in this space to avoid structural steel moment frames. This project also utilized prefabricated panelized wood framed wall construction. EM Structural worked closely with the manufacturer of the wall panels and floor trusses to provide an economical, and readily constructible system.

Project Details

Location: Jacksonville, FL
Square Footage: 362,000
Number of Floors: 4

Services Provided:
Steel Design
Post Tensioned Concrete

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