The Porter

This 7-story, multifamily apartment project consists of 118 residential units in Charleston, SC. The ground floor level has parking, a leasing area, mail room, and fitness area that are all supported on a post tensioned structural slab on grade supported by an array of 18” square driven pilings. The heated spaces on the ground level are also detailed to be flood proofed while in the parking area is detailed with vents in the walls and slabs to allow for water movement without building up an excess of pressure.

In the fitness area, several existing wood trusses from the previous site development were repurposed. Part of the existing structure was saved and steel support structure was provided to brace an existing wall. Steel framing was also provided to revise the openings in this structure to be more accommodating for a retail tenant.

Above the ground level is one level of elevated post tensioned concrete parking. Above parking is a post-tensioned concrete transfer podium, approximately 28,000 square feet. There is a courtyard at the ground level and a courtyard on the podium level. Above the podium are 5 levels of type 3 wood framed, residential construction. Girder trusses were used at where the building steps in to support exterior walls above. Additionally, a steel screen structure was provided in on the roof to screen the HVAC units from the nearby elevated freeway.

Project Details

Location: Charleston, SC
Number of Floors: 7

Services Provided:
Post Tensioned Concrete
Steel Design

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