The Weld Phase 2

The Weld Phase 2 project, situated on Hammell Drive in Raleigh,
North Carolina, is set to feature a dynamic 20-story building. This
structure will house residential occupancy from Levels 9 to 20, while the
lowest eight levels will be dedicated to parking. From levels 4-9, type
III wood-framed wrapper units will be supported by a concrete podium
slab at level 2, concealing the garage from S. Saunders Street on the
east side. Additionally, retail spaces will line the south edge of the
building from levels 3 to 5. Extending west from the tower, an 8-story
wing will encompass three parking levels from Levels 3-6, with a podium
slab at level 6 supporting five levels of type III wood framing. This wing
will also feature a single-level indoor amenity space and an amenity
courtyard with a swimming pool, separated from the main tower by an
expansion joint. Amenities will include terraces at level 9 of the tower
and at the level 20 mezzanine and roof level. Residential units at level
20 will consist of two-level loft units with a mezzanine. The building
loading and garage entrance will be situated at the north end of the
site, coinciding with the lowest project elevation, while a second garage
entrance at level 3 will provide access from the west side. Overall, the
structure will encompass approximately 800,000 SF, accommodating
527 residential units and 677 parking spaces.

Project Details

Location: Raleigh, NC
Square Footage: 800,000 SF
Number of Floors: 20

Services Provided:
Post Tensioned Concrete
Type III, IV, & V Wood Frame Design
Deep Foundation Systems

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