Fireproof Building Wood Frame Design Project

Fireproof Building

 This project involved the design of a new interior elevator shaft cut through the masonry groin vaults, as well as repairs to wood roof framing. The building is a National Historic Register Site. 

Nathaniel Russel House wood frame design project

Nathaniel Russel House

This project consisted of the design of a new interior stair and elevator for visitor use in order to avoid grand staircase, as well as repairs to other parts of the house. 

Husk wood frame design project

Husk Restaurant

Renovation of 2 buildings for use as restaurant: one building was 1900’s era, 2-story wood framed structure, and the other was 1850s era brick structure. Renovation included strengthening floors to meet restaurant loading requirements, lateral load and building stabilization strengthening, and modifications to fit architectural layout. 

First Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church Raleigh

This project included additions and renovations to the historic First Presbyterian Church in Raleigh.  

Additions included a 3-story, structural steel and cast-in-place concrete framed structure with a full basement. This building houses classrooms and office spaces for church administration. The project also included major renovations to the 100 year-old historic sanctuary and fellowship hall. 

Modern church architecture addition and renovation project

First (Scots) Presbyterian Church Addition & Renovation

This is a 3-story addition for a downtown Charleston church. Included in the project was a renovation of the existing administration/classroom building. New facility includes a large meeting space, classrooms, administration spaces, and a kitchen. 

This project was completed as 4SE, Inc., prior to joining EM Structural in 2021 

Cigar Factory Renovation

This project consisted of renovating structural elements of a 160-year-old masonry structure with timber framed floors and roofs for office space and events areas.  

The structure had large areas of timber floor framing with termite and moisture damage issues that needed to be addressed. A new 5-story elevator shaft and stairs were designed to fit within the existing building and foundation, and a new steel frame was constructed to support the existing, unreinforced masonry shell.  

New additions included a 6,000 SF steel framed amenities building. All steel framing was designed to resist seismic and wind loads.  

This project was completed as 4SE, Inc., prior to joining EM Structural in 2021.

Liberty Warehouse

Located in Durham, NC, the Liberty Warehouse project provides 246 luxury residential units and approximately 25,000 SF of retail and commercial space including a bowling alley/entertainment complex. This LEED project is located on the site of an abandoned brick warehouse. Although the majority of the building was not salvageable, portions of the historic façade were maintained and incorporated into the design. The structure consists of 5 levels of wood framed, Type III construction supported by a post-tensioned concrete podium slab above the ground level retail and amenity space and bearing on slab-on-grade shallow foundations at the remainder of the site. The wood framing wraps all sides of a 5-story precast concrete parking structure with 386 parking spaces. 

Aiken Rhett House

Aiken Rhett House

This project includes structural engineering and design services for repairs, strengthening, and maintenance of various portions of a 3-story masonry and wood house and outbuildings. Repairs include tying back and stabilizing the piazza, which was being undermined, settling, and rotating.

Old City Jail Rehabilitation

Old City Jail Rehabilitation

This ongoing renovation involves the structural stabilization, repairs, and renovation of the historic Old City Jail in Charleston, originally constructed in 1804. The 18,000 SF brick masonry 3-story jail will receive renovations including seismic performance modifications to create office space while preserving the historically significant aspects of the building.

Historical areas of the building will continue to be available for tours, and office tenants will continue to maintain the historic building.

Dewberry Charleston

The Dewberry Hotel, L. Mendel Rivers Federal Building Renovation

In 2016, the 120,000 SF Dewberry hotel opened in the renovated and repurposed former L. Mendel Rivers Federal Building. Originally constructed as a General Service Administration office building, this mid-century modern structure is located on two acres across from Marion Square on Meeting Street.

This five-star hotel was brought to life over the course of eight years, and offers 155 luxurious guest rooms. The hotel features a Southern dining, a bar, an urban oasis spa, a ballroom, and an 8th floor rooftop terrace.

Although the building’s interior was largely recreated, the marble-and-brick facade has remained largely intact, thereby preserving the architectural integrity of this John F. Kennedy commissioned mid-century building, and lives as the table tops on Henrietta’s outdoor rooftop dining terrace.

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