alexan optimist park

Alton Optimist Park

Formerly known as Alexan Optimist Park, this 268,800 SF apartment building has a total of 238 units and offers 12 unit types. The wrap-style apartment building steps up from five stories to a six-story building with street-level amenity spaces. The 9,700 SF of amenities cater to the Millennial generation of renters, with features such as outdoor fire pits and grills, a clubroom bar and lounge, in addition to a fitness center and yoga room. Additional amenities include a business center, dog wash, resident-only bike storage and workshop, secure dog park, and pool courtyard with a sun shelf and in-pool chaise lounges. The apartments wrap a five-story, 109,000 SF, precast parking structure that securely parks 314 vehicles. The parking structure is naturally ventilated on the upper floors to cut down on energy demands.

Meeting Street Lofts post tensioned concrete project

Meeting Street Lofts

 This 488,000 SF mixed-use, multifamily project for Kane Realty Corporation is located at the intersection of Meeting Street and Huger Street in Charleston, SC. The structure consists of two levels of parking and five levels of multifamily residential. There are also retail spaces at the ground floor.  

The first two levels of the building are cast-in-place concrete construction. The slab on grade at Level 1 is structured, the majority of which is post-tensioned while portions at the retail are conventionally reinforced. The level 2 slab (parking) and level 3 slab (podium) are also post-tensioned concrete construction.  

The upper five levels consist of type III wood-framed construction, with the exception of a limited area that is elevated concrete podium slab over amenities at Level 3.  

The foundations consist of driven precast piles supporting pile caps. Pile caps were cast monolithically with the level 1 concrete slab. 

Festival Hall steel designed project

Festival Hall

Formerly known as Memminger Auditorium, Festival Hall makes a striking first impression within the historic Charleston landscape.  

 With over 14,000 SF of combined indoor and outdoor space, Festival Hall is Charleston, South Carolina’s most versatile venue for any type of occasion.  

The renovation of this 1935, 1-story auditorium into a black box theater included 10,000 SF of flexible indoor space, a 4,000 square foot outdoor courtyard, 6 dressing rooms, an extensive catwalk and theatre grid system, and a loading dock.  

The existing structural system consisted of load bearing masonry walls supporting pitched structural steel roof trusses. Removed sloping cast-in-place concrete first floor to replace with flat steel frame and structural slab floor. A 5,000 SF addition for a theater, warehouse, office space, and storage, was also constructed.

South Kings Midtown project

Lennar South Kings Midtown

This project for Lennar Multifamily Communities consists of five stories of Type III multifamily residential and an adjacent 5-story precast parking garage with underground detention vault. The project is located near the intersection of South Kings Boulevard and Charlottetown Avenue in Charlotte, NC.  

The residential building is split into three separate structures, each of which is Type III construction. A portion of the residential framing is supported by a 1-story concrete podium slab. Multiple retail spaces are provided below the podium slab. The balance of the residential framing is supported on conventional concrete slabs on grade.  

The foundations supporting the residential building and the parking deck are shallow foundations on native soils and engineered fill. 

eLoftFordAve project

eLoft Ford Avenue

Located in Alexandria, Virginia, the eLoft project on Ford Avenue is a conversion of an existing 14-story office building into 200 loft units zoned for residential, live/work, or office use. The project also included conversion of portions of the parking garage to amenity space and the addition of a number of landscape and amenity features on the existing elevated plaza slab.  

The existing structure consists of post-tensioned flat plate concrete floor slabs supported by reinforced concrete columns. Lateral forces are resisted by reinforced concrete shear walls at the central elevator core. The change of occupancy required a lateral analysis of the existing structure to demonstrate the adequacy of the lateral system to resist modern code required seismic forces. There were over 2000 new slab penetrations drilled through the existing post-tensioned slab to facilitate new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems including larger openings for trash chutes.  

Floor slabs were scanned using ground penetrating radar to locate existing post-tensioning tendons and reinforcing steel ensuring that core drilling locations could be adjusted to miss existing reinforcing. They were also analyzed for the worst case loading of all proposed occupancies and for all new landscaping loading and new equipment loading at the roof. 

Modera Decatur project

Modera Decatur

The project is located in downtown Decatur, GA, just east of Atlanta. The project is located at the intersection of Clairemont Ave. and Commerce Dr. The building has a full basement level (Level B1) and a partial basement level (Level B). Vehicular parking is provided at Levels B1, B and 1, with access to the parking at Levels B and 1. There are multiple retail spaces at Level 1 along the north elevation (Commerce Drive) and west elevation (Clairemont Avenue), and a single retail space on the far east side of the project.

Levels B, 1 and 2 are entirely cast-in-place concrete structure. A portion of Levels 3 and 4 are also cast-in-place concrete structure, limited to podium slabs above retail and amenity areas below. Level 2 is home to the pool, pool courtyard, and the adjacent Club Room. Residential units begin at Level 2, all of which bear upon a post-tensioned podium slab. Residential units are all wood-framed, Type IIIA construction. At Level 6, there is an amenity area with a rooftop terrace overlooking Commerce Street. Multiple structural systems were employed in the design of this project, including post-tensioned concrete flat plate slabs, post-tensioned concrete podium slabs, post-tensioned beams and girders, structural steel framing, concrete columns and walls, and structural wood framing. The foundations are shallow spread footings bearing on soil improved with aggregate piers.

Spoke Apartments Project

Spoke Apartments

This 224-unit, 335,000+ SF project has five-stories of type IIIA wood framed construction on top of a two-story tall post-tensioned concrete frame. It also included 103,000 SF of parking space. The podium slab at the top level of the concrete frame was braced using ordinary reinforced concrete moment frames between the slab and its supporting concrete columns. A large interior courtyard with elevated pool was framed into the PT podium slab using thickened slab transitions and deep PT beams. There is one level of elevated parking on PT slab below the podium slab and parking on grade at the basement level. A large Sky Club at level 7 required extensive structural analysis to cantilever deck and allow for sloped concrete topping slab.

Due to a large variance in grading across the site, basement walls up to two stories tall were required around the building.

This project featured extensive amenity spaces at the podium level with two levels of steel and wood transfer framing to support the units above and create the open spaces desired by the architect and ownership.

Emory Point Project

Gables Emory Point

This mid-rise, mixed-use project near Emory University has 442 units total. One Building is Type III over slab on grade. The other 3 buildings are Type VA over Type 1A post tensioned concrete podium. The facility also includes an 8-story precast parking structure.

Pre-engineered wood trusses are used for floor and roof structure. Gypsum and OSB shear walls provide lateral stability. The foundations are spread footings on VibroPiers.

Viewpoint Project


Located on Peachtree Street in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, GA, this 37-story mixed-use high-rise tower rises gracefully into Midtown’s distinctive skyline.

The 50,000 SF building features two levels of retail along Peachtree Street. The 10-story parking podium is framed with post-tensioned slabs with dropped heads at the columns and perimeter. The residential tower floors are 7” post-tensioned flat slabs. Shear walls provide lateral stability. Extensive use of exposed architectural concrete required considerable aesthetic coordination. Auger cast piles with pile caps were used for the deep foundation system.

Modera Prominence Project

Modera Prominence

This project is located in the heart of the Buckhead office district at the corner of Lenox Road and Piedmont Road. The complex features 319 residential units totaling 367,000 SF, 41,700 SF of retail space, 560,000 GSF of 5-story Type IIIA residential above Level 1 and Level 2 podiums.

Permanent soil nail walls and CIP retaining walls allow for two levels of parking below grade. A large plaza with prominent landscape features along with retail caps the parking levels. Above the plaza level are PT podium slabs with five levels of Type IIIA construction for the residential units. An elevated pool and amenity deck makes up a portion of the Level 2 podium above plaza.

Each residential unit at the top level has access to a private rooftop terrace, which required a considerable amount of effort between the team members during the design phase to ensure that the terraces was coordinated with the other disciplines and met the owner’s budget and vision.

The second phase in the Modera Prominence residential development contains three residential buildings all directly adjacent to one another. In total, the high-rise contains 266,462 SF in 181 Units, the mid-rise consists of 203,396 SF in 214 units, and 119,508 SF of parking space.

The first building is a 21-story high-rise concrete frame, utilizing post-tensioned concrete slabs, braced with ordinary reinforced concrete shear walls. The building is supported on concrete caissons, drilled down to competent rock as well as rock footings bearing directly on competent rock. There is a pool/amenity deck at the 21st floor, and a large steel frame architectural feature spans over the roof at the 22nd floor. The second building is a 5-story concrete frame, utilizing post-tensioned concrete slabs and columns for lateral stability. The columns are supported on shallow spread footings bearing on soils improved by rammed aggregate piers. This parking structure supports five levels of Type III wood-framed residential construction above and is located directly adjacent to the Prominence office tower and parking deck. EM Structural coordinated the new parking and residential structure with the existing building’s foundations and site walls. The third building is a 5-story Type III wood-framed residential structure, supported on a conventional slab on grade. The wood framed buildings have units at the top floor with rooftop terraces, which required extensive coordination between architectural and structural design teams.

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