Stonewall Station

Stonewall Station

This 21-story mixed-use structure is located Uptown
Charlotte, North Carolina across Stonewall Street from
the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Level 1 has multiple residential spaces, the largest of
which will be home to Whole Foods. The basement, a
portion of Levels 1-8 and Level 9 are dedicated
parking for retail and residential. Residential units
are provided at Levels 3-7 (wood-framing) as well as
Levels 10-19 (high-rise). Residential amenity spaces
are provided at Levels 3, 10 and 19.

Multiple structural systems were employed in the
design of this project, including post-tensioned flat-plate
slabs, post-tensioned beams and girders,
composite structural steel framing, concrete columns,
concrete shear walls, and structural wood framing.
The foundation for the structure is a combination of
shallow spread footings bearing on rock and concrete
drilled piers.

Berwyn House

The project consists of 275 apartment units in a five-story, wood framed building above parking and amenities.  The development also includes a pool, fitness, game room, and common areas.

The structure is Type III wood framing with wood floor and roof trusses spanning between wood framed bearing walls.  OSB and gypsum sheathed wood framed shear walls resist lateral loads.  A cast-in-place, post tensioned concrete podium slab with concrete columns was incorporated to create larger open spaces at the ground level to accommodate amenity functions and to facilitate two levels of below grade parking.  The lowest parking level is slab on grade, with the second level of parking on a post tensioned concrete slab.  The structure bears on shallow concrete spread footings on soils improved with rammed aggregate piers.

midtown millennium

Midtown Millennium

Located in the heart of Midtown in Atlanta, Georgia, Millennium is a 25 story residential tower consisting of 18 stories of residential units over 7 levels of parking.

The primary structure consists of concrete columns with a post-tensioned two-way slab system for the floor.  The structure is supported on drilled pier foundations and grade beams.  The lateral system of the building consists of reinforced concrete shear walls.

The site partially overlays Marta and a primary structural challenge was bridging over the Marta tunnel with a series of cantilever and simple span grade beams.

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