Who We Are

E+M provides unmatched structural engineering solutions for our clients while delivering structures that are design focused, logistics driven, and functional over long lifespans. We have 35 full time employees consisting of partners, engineers, principals, and project managers to assist you with all project needs. Our team has collectively completed hundreds of projects across the US since our inception in 2010.

How We Work

As engineers, we are proactive in everything that we do to promote speed and ease of construction. We are in constant contact with our clients throughout each project to ensure we are all working collectively in consideration of clarity, efficiency, and quality. We strive to maintain the highest level of communication and are willing to work hard to accommodate our client’s requests and needs.

What We Create

We conceptualize, design, and deliver structures that not only comply with building codes but also have architectural meaning and purpose. Whether it’s constructing a residential structure suited for the safety or comfort of a home, to a stadium structure suited to promote a sense of grandeur, we have delivered projects to our clients with a track record of success.

Where We Are

E+M has three offices in the United States including Atlanta, GA, the Arlington, VA/ greater DC Metro area, and Raleigh, NC. Additionally, we have a state of the art testing laboratory in Atlanta for our engineers to simulate real world conditions that prove difficult in a computer modeled environment. The E+M team is licensed in 18 states across the US. We are where you are.

Let us help make your next engineering project a success.