The EM Workshop is located in Atlanta, GA. This lab is dedicated to enhancing our engineers’ skills with hands-on practice of real world structural applications. This opportunity for continued education in the structural engineering field allows our engineers to put the theories they learned in school into practice.


With the EM Workshop Lab, our engineers enhance their woodworking and metal building skills at the lab where they can build physical models and test them. Computer models can only provide so much after available data has been input. These models show where improvements in constructability need to be made leading to a more refined structural plan.

Team members will have access to many types of tools and testing equipment including gantry cranes, industrial grade saws for wood and steel cutting, drills and milling machines, thread cutters, MIG/TIG welders, plasma cutters, 3D printers, hydraulic actuators, rams and press brakes, pneumatic tools, concrete mixers and pumps, compression and tension loading equipment, and industrial steel and wood lathes.

The laboratory environment encourages our engineers to be innovative, coming up with ideas  that we can test, develop, and put into practice in the field. The EM Workshop offers a truly unique experience for all of our engineers, both new and seasoned, giving them the opportunity to work with practical hands on applications, hone in and establish new skills, build models, and experiment with creative solutions.

Let us help make your next engineering project a success.