Cost and Time Efficiency

EM Structural takes cost efficiency, move efficiency, smart designs, and long term quality into consideration. We provide recommendations to the design team on where modifications can be made to save costs and time, often offering several approaches depending on the constraints of the client.


EM Structural values each client’s priorities. We excel at providing a flexible approach while achieving the main goals of every project.


In order to think creatively to fit the needs of the customer, we work with each client individually to determine what their main goals and concerns may be. Project constraints such as rigidity of design, budget, and/or deadlines are also determined. This information is gathered and used in the Initial Design and Construction Review meeting.


If issues do arise on the project, we strive to be responsive to the needs of the client and project to keep it on task, with minimal delays, and within budget.

Let us help make your next engineering project a success.