8th and Hope

This high rise apartment building will stand 23 stories tall in downtown Los Angeles.

The slabs of the building are two-way post-tensioned flat plates on varying thicknesses (depending on the use of the level). It also uses post-tensioned beams in the lower five levels above ground in order to achieve longer spans and to support the depressed pool and courtyard area.

The two and a half levels below grade are used for parking and are not post-tensioned. The first four elevated levels are used mainly for parking. The residences start above the fifth level.

One of the unique features of the building is a helistop above the roof level. Cast in place concrete shear walls are used to resist lateral loads which are derived from a Response Spectrum Analysis. The building is supported on spread footings and shotcrete retaining walls.

Project Details

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Square Footage: 363,183
Number of Floors: 23

Services Provided:
High-Rise Building Design & Lateral Modeling
Post Tensioned Concrete
Deep Foundation Systems

Key Staff:

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