Fenton is a multi-building, mixed-use development in Cary, NC. It is located on 92 acres in the center of the Research Triangle region. EM Structural led the structural design for all fourteen buildings in Phase 1, totaling 2.5 million SF, as well as three precast standalone parking decks. All buildings were designed and constructed concurrently with the goal of opening the entire development at the same time. The buildings are framed of structural steel, cast-in-place concrete, and type IIIA wood construction.

Five of the buildings are single-tenant, single-story structural steel construction. One building is single-story structural steel with multiple retail tenants. Two buildings are multi-tenant steel construction for office and retail use. Two buildings are three stories of structural steel office space on top of a cast-in-place concrete slab covering retail tenants. One building includes a roughly 110,000 SF cast-in-place post-tensioned concrete podium supporting 350 apartment units framed in type IIIA wood-framed construction. One building is split into three uses and framed in structural steel. This building includes a movie theater, a restaurant, and administrative offices for the complex.

The project received the SEA of NC 2022 Excellence in Structural Engineering Award for New Construction over $100 Million.

Project Details

Location: Cary, NC

Services Provided:
Cold Formed Steel Design
Deep Foundation Systems
Type III, IV, & V Wood Frame Design

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