Fenton cold-form steel design project

Fenton’s Transformation into a Thriving Urban Oasis

The Fenton development in Cary, North Carolina, has transformed from an empty 92-acre site to a thriving urban oasis, defying initial expectations. Originally intended as a storage location for state vehicles, Fenton has blossomed into a dynamic open-air destination, drawing thousands of residents from the affluent suburban surroundings.

At Fenton, residents revel in the charm of chef-driven eateries like M Sushi and Colletta, accompanied by art-lined walkways. The center offers green spaces with hammocks, fireplaces, and game setups, fostering a vibrant and engaging environment. With over 200 annual activations, including events like Raleigh Fashion Fest and Light the Square, Fenton has become a hub of activity and community spirit.

Hines, in partnership with Columbia Development, orchestrated Fenton’s creation, setting it apart as a groundbreaking project built from scratch.

Fenton’s Phase One, with 345,000 SF of retail space, houses a curated collection of outlets, including Arhaus, Lululemon, Paragon Theaters, PBR Cowboy Bar, and Sephora, alongside multitenant residential and elevated office spaces. The impressive debut of Phase One has spurred remarkable leasing activity, with Phase Two already underway. Fenton’s evolution showcases the power of visionary development to redefine a community’s landscape and lifestyle.

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Raleigh Ironworks post tensioned concrete project

Raleigh Iron Works part of massive downtown transformation

Raleigh Iron Works stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of the city, combining urban development with historic preservation. Nestled within a former factory on Atlantic Avenue, this multifaceted project encapsulates the city’s growth while honoring its past. Once a hub for munitions during World War I, the warehouse has transformed into a vibrant mixed-use space featuring retail and office areas alongside a residential complex.

As Raleigh experiences a surge in population and global attention, projects like Raleigh Iron Works offer a solution for balanced expansion. Embracing the essence of modern living, the development caters to the rising demand for convenient housing near amenities, schools, and shops. The proximity of Raleigh Iron Works to other revitalization efforts, such as the upcoming “Salvage Yard,” indicates a dynamic transformation underway in the area.

Residents view this development as a reflection of Raleigh’s ascending status, providing diverse entertainment and dining options. The integration of historical significance with contemporary functionality marks Raleigh Iron Works as a cornerstone in the city’s journey toward a vibrant and enticing future.

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Salisbury Square aerial shot

Salisbury Square and Seven Other Projects Changing Raleigh’s Southern Gateway

Salisbury Square is an ambitious development project in Raleigh. Dominion Realty purchased the former N.C. Association of Educators building’s site, intending to replace it with two, 20-story mixed-use towers. The plan includes adding over 600 apartments and offices, with Dogwood State Bank choosing to locate its headquarters in the first tower completed. Currently, site preparation work is underway for the first phase, but the construction timeline remains unknown. Exciting changes are coming to 700 S. Salisbury St.!

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